Click to talk

Why Click to talk ?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, as others degenerative diseases, affects muscular functions. For each step of the disease, we adapt different systems to use personnal computers. But when we are deprived of speaking, when the bulbary form is advanced, we have to resort to systems or applications which allow us to communicate to allow us to express our needs, a pain or simply to participate in a conversation.
Myself being affected by the ALS since July, 2005, I don't move more than my eyes for 3 years and measure all the scale of the vital need to communicate.


January, 8 2013

Chistian Coudre
concept and programmation
Sophie Déméautis :
integration of the sound
Reverso :
Synthetic voice 

Made with Nvu et Sound Manager

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"Click to talk" is a new programm still running under development. You could find some mistakes or have new ideas, thanks to send me an e-mail and I will improve it.